Founders need more than capital

to build a great company

At TreCapital we partnered and created a team who understands the journey and knows what it takes to win.


What make us unique is the perfect match between the fund human capital and our top-notch unique research technology which support our investment and make the decision making process more accurate.


Oded Puzis

Co-Founder & CEO

A vast experience and knowledge in real estate and investments. Managed a commercial real estate firm and led development projects in Israel and abroad. 
Specializes in portfolio management and asset allocation of equities, REITs, real estate investments, and other private equity funds.

MS in International Real 
Estate (MSIRE).

Professor Eli Beracha

Co-Founder & CIO

Extensive experience advising funds & investors overseeing billions of dollars of real estate holdings. Director of the Hollo School of Real Estate at Florida International University. Author of numerous research journal publications and academically ranked #3 in the world for his real estate research productivity.

Ph.D. in Finance with
specialization in Real Estate.

Noy Leibovich, CPA

Senior Investment Manager & Operations

Specializes in the world of finance and real estate, including valuation, data-analysis, forecasting, overseeing accounting, budgeting and complex analytical processes. Formerly worked for EY Israel, providing accounting and due diligence services for a large variety of companies. 

M.B.A. specializing in Financial Systems Management

Eran Elisar

Senior Investment Manager &

Extensive experience in managing long-term savings and nostro of financial Institutions. Specialized in portfolio management, asset allocation, valuations and analysis, risk management, equities and investment funds.Previously worked at Leumi Bank,Hachshara Insurance and Ubank.

M.B.A specializing in Finance &
Business strategy.
ISA Portfolio manager’s certificate

Sagi Kadury, CPA


Vast experience in global financial management, including raising capital, M&A, due diligence process, and valuation of companies.
Previously served as the CFO of a Fintech Startup, finantiol director at Strauss group and Lumenis.

EMBA, LL.M, BA in Finance
& Accounting.