Our investment portfolio is diverse

Yet each sector is carefully selected

Attractive and diverse Sector Investments

At TreCapital, We make these choices based on thorough and unique research, our groundbreaking technological algorithm and ample experience. Our real estate leading sectors for investments:


Rentals of multifamily apartments, single family homes and manufactured homes


Rental of storage units for personal and commercial usage


Rental of industrial space for Manufacturing, logistics and distribution Also known as the "hub of e-commerce"

Data Centers

Rental of secured data storage space

Health Care

Rental of medical facilities including medical office buildings, nursing homes, senior housing and hospitals

Wireless Infrastructure

Rental of communication towers to the nationwide cellular network operators in the U.S. Such as: AT&T and T-Mobile.

*Based on our long term fundamentals under normal circumstances TreCapital does not invest in office space, retail and hospitality. However under unique circumstances TreCapital may take advantage of investment opportunities in these sectors.