A whole new world
of Real Estate

The US REIT Market

A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is a company that owns and operates income-producing properties and combine the best of the real estate and the capital markets.

By using REITs, investors gain access to high quality of real estate, access dividend income and enjoy high risk – adjusted returns.

145 Million Americans has invest in REITs stock , 31 REITs are members of the S&P 500*

*Source: NAREIT. Data as of oct 2020

The Benefits of REITs

High Risk-Adjusted Returns with a Large Income Component

Since 1993 equity REITs returned, on average, more than 10% annually, which is higher than the return on stocks over the same period.

Historical Annual Return
REIT10.13%S&P 5009.41%

56% of REITs returns are a result of a steady and growing stream of income. Which is more than twice than stocks.

Return Portion Attributrd To Income
REITS&P 50021.68%56.10%


REITs are governed by a unique set of regulations that protect investors:

Transparent quarterly reports that are regulated by the SEC

Investors are free from personal liability

90% of taxable income must be distributed as dividends

0% income tax at the firm level


Access to institutional grade real estate investments.

Professional Management

REITs are managed by real estate professionals that are experts in their fields.

Pricing Opportunities

The capital market volatility creates opportunities to buy REITs at discount to NAV.


Ability to accumulate or liquidate assets quickly, at market prices, with minimal transaction costs.


Dispersion across different sectors, locations, properties and tenants.